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Hoje dia 11/7/2005 a FIAT celebra mais um aniversário, contando com 106 Anos de vida.

Parabéns FIAT Auto! que continue a construir maquinas diabólicas por mais 106 anos pelo menos :D

um pouco de história

Fiat celebrates its 106th birthday today (11 July 2005) with the anniversary of the day in 1899 when Fiat or Fabbrica Italiana Automobili
di Torino was founded in preparation for the launch of the
company's first car, the Fiat 4hp late the same year.

That first Fiat was designed by Aristide Faccioli and was
powered by a 600cc flat two cylinder engine developing, as
the name suggested, four horse power or 2.9 kW. With a top
speed of 35 kmh, it carried four people in the rather
unusual seat fashion of two seat facing each other.

Giovanni Agnelli founded a family dynasty that is still at
the head of the company today with John Elkann as Vice
Chairman of the company and Lapo Elkann, who is Brand
Promotion Director for the automotive brands. Giovanni
Agnelli established his position in the fledging company
with his strategic vision for the company and was appointed
as Managing Director in 1902. He was to guide the company
towards its two main industrial directions, expanding
production and diversifying into new markets.

By 1906 Fiat was not just producing cars, its product lines
included trucks, buses, trams, marine engines and aircraft.
This was also the year when the first Fiats arrived in
Australia and in the following year production of Fiat cars
started in the USA. In 1910 Fiat took to the race track,
winning the Indianapolis 500 with a Fiat S76, the first of
many, many victories for Fiat products.

Lingotto, the renowned Fiat factory that became the image of
Italian mass production opened, in 1923. It was one of the
first factories in Europe to put in place true mass
production techniques and its roof top test track on which
all new cars were tested, became world famous. In 1926 Fiat
diversified into the media with the purchase of the
influential La Stampa newspaper, starting Fiat expansion through all areas of the
Italian economy. The next generation of the Agnelli family
joined the company with Giovanni's son, Edoardo, in 1927 as
vice chairman.

1936 saw the launch of the car that became the symbol of the
company, the Fiat 500 Topolino, at the time one of the world's
most successful small cars. Built in Fiat's new factory at Mirafiori, the 500 was the car that put Italy on the road.
After the war, Fiat continued to build world famous small
cars, with the Fiat 500 and 600, through to the Panda today.

But the Fiat Group is much more than small cars. Its car
brands include Fiat, Alfa Romeo, Ferrari, Maserati and
Lancia, with commercial vehicles covered by Fiat and Iveco.
But cars and commercial vehicles are just part of the Fiat
Group, with the group also including CNH (agricultural and
construction equipment), Magneti Marelli (components) and
Teksid (metallurgical products), and Comau (production
systems), Business Solutions (services) and Itedi
(publishing and communications).

At the beginning of 2005, Fiat announced the creation of
Fiat Powertrain Technologies, a new industrial unit that
will integrate the Groups' innovation capabilities and
expertise in engines and transmissions.


Fiat Auto

One of the pioneers of the car industry, Fiat built its
first car in 1899. Since then it has produced approximately
87 million cars and light commercial vehicles and many of
its models have marked important milestones in motoring

Fiat Auto operates in international markets under four
brands, all distinguished by their innovative content, style
and manufacturing solutions: Fiat, known for its creativity,
versatility and practicality; Lancia, which features an
elite and exclusive line of models; Alfa Romeo, the
combination of sportiness, technology and elegance in a
unique design and Fiat Veicoli Commerciali Leggeri (Light
Commercial Vehicles), a reference point for easier, more
productive and gratifying working experiences.

Maserati is an all Italian brand with a glorious sporting
history: since the very beginning it has been manufacturing
fascinating and exclusive cars built in short production
runs, outstanding in terms of prestige, technological
innovation, styling and performance. Now Maserati rejoins
the Fiat Auto fold.

Between September 2001, on the occasion of the Frankfurt
Motor Show and January 2002 at the Detroit Motor Show,
Maserati presented the new Spider and Coupé models powered
by 390 bhp 4200 cc V8 aspirated engines, an event
that marked the brand's long-awaited return to the North
American market after almost 12 years.

The 2003 Frankfurt Motor Show saw the debut of the
Quattroporte equipped with a 400 bhp 4200 cc V8 power unit,
a top-of-the-range saloon that combines the qualities of a
prestige car with those of an authentic grand tourer.

Founded in Bologna in 1914, Maserati celebrated last year
its 90th anniversary when it also returned to the racing
circuits by taking part in the closing international GT FIA
championship races with the brand-new MC12. Recently
Maserati was brought back into the Fiat Auto fold and
aligned with Alfa Romeo.

To round out the range of products and services offered,
Fiat Auto's activities include sales financing and a broad
array of support programs for customers and the dealer

Fiat Auto has plants in Italy, Poland, Brazil and Argentina.
Manufacturing is also carried out through either joint
ventures or licensing agreements in France, Turkey, Egypt,
South Africa, India, China and Vietnam.

On eleven occasions Fiat Auto models have won the Car of the
Year Award, the car industry's most prestigious recognition
worldwide. The award has been won eight times by Fiat, twice
by Alfa Romeo and once by Lancia. The continuous, strong
thrust toward product renewal of the Fiat Auto brands calls
for the launch of 29 vehicles, including new models and
restyling, in the 2005-2007 period.


The first Ferrari was built in Maranello in 1947 at the
company Enzo Ferrari had transferred from Modena five years
earlier when it was given the name by which it is known
today. It was the 125 Sport, a two-seater that would go on
to win the Rome GP in 1947 and very soon went on to become a
sophisticated grand tourer road car. The Company has come a
long way since then. 1969 saw the acquisition of 50% of the
Company's shares by the Fiat Group, whose interest in
Ferrari rose to 90% in 1988. In 2002, Mediobanca acquired a
34% interest in Ferrari and this interest was then divided
among Commerzbank, Lehman Brothers, B.P. Emilia Romagna,
Compagnie Monegasque de Banque.

Ferrari's mission, however, remained the same: to build
unique sports cars destined to represent the excellence of
Italian cars, whether on the road or on racing circuits. And
in fact the legend continues. Suffice it to look at its
successes on the circuits, where the Scuderia Ferrari in
2003 won its fourth Formula 1 Drivers' Championship and its
fifth Constructors' Championship in a row. Achievements
reinforced by sales results and the vast number of fans that
follow the races on circuits throughout the world.

Annual production is pitched at a self-imposed limit of
about four thousand cars to ensure maximum quality. The
workforce numbers just less than 3000, while the latest
models are the 612 Scaglietti, the new 12-cylinder 2+2 that
replaced the glorious 456M, the 575M Maranello, Ferrari's
first 12-cylinder road car with a Formula 1 type gearbox;
the Enzo, an expression of the cutting edge technology
derived from Grand Prix events; the Challenge Stradale, an
8-cylinder, 425 bhp model, which lines up alongside the 360
Modena and Spider, and again is derived from experience on
the racing circuit.

The Maranello and Modena plants have recently been the scene
of a significant technological upgrade. So alongside the
wind-tunnel designed by Renzo Piano in 1997, there is now
one of the most modern, "worker-friendly" plants in the
world, together with the thoroughly refurbished Maserati
plant in Modena. Particularly noteworthy are the new
structures dedicated to Machining Processes and Dies and the
spectacular Product Development Center designed by Fuksas.

CNH Global

The first Fiat branded construction equipment product was
manufactured in 1919. CNH is one of the world's leading
manufacturer of agricultural tractors, combine harvesters,
hay and forage equipment and grape harvesters and is among
the leaders in the construction equipment business. CNH was
formed in 1999 by the merger of two legendary brands: New
Holland NV and Case Corporation.

CNH agricultural machinery is sold through the global brands
Case IH and New Holland and through the regional brand Steyr.
With one of the widest offering in the business, the
agricultural brands of CNH meet the various needs of its
customers all over the world. The construction equipment of
CNH is sold through the Case, Kobelco, New Holland
Construction and New Holland global brands and covers a wide
range of products: backhoes, wheeled and crawler excavators,
skid-steer loaders, wheeled loaders, graders, telescopic
handlers and articulated trucks.

CNH pursues the continuous renewal of its product offering
and can boast one of the 'youngest' product ranges of the
business in both the agricultural and the construction
equipment field. The models launched were very well received
both by the farming community and richly rewarded by the
industry. For example, the many awards won at the 2003
Agritechnica fair of Hannover: the Gold Medal to the New
Holland CR combine for its innovative stone detection system
and for the rotary technology; the "Machine of the Year"
award to the New Holland TS-A series in the medium-to low hp
tractor category; the "Machine of the Year" award in the
Combine category to the Case IH AFX. Gold Medal awarded by
the German German Agricultural Society to the New Holland CR
combine harvester. Awards followed in 2004 by the Gouden Aar
for the TS-A Fast Steer system, or the Best of Specialised
Award for the New Holland TNV75A, to mention just a few.


Fiat's vocation for commercial vehicles goes back a long
way: at the Milan International Exhibition in May 1901 the
Company already presented two omnibuses and a trailer for
firemen. Iveco was formed in 1975 by the merger of five
leading European brands, and was joined by others over the
years. Today Iveco is one of the world's leading companies
in the road transport sector and one of the most important
manufacturers of diesel engines for motor vehicle and
industrial applications worldwide.

Iveco designs, manufactures and markets a wide range of
light (2.8 - 6 tons GVW), medium (6 - 16 tons GVW) and heavy
(above 16 tons GVW) commercial vehicles for on-road and
off-road use. It also produces public transport vehicles,
special purpose vehicles for defence and civil protection
applications, engines and firefighting vehicles.
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PARARENS e muitos anos de vida!  :palmas:   :palmas:   :palmas:   :palmas:  
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Esperemos que continuem e sempre com o objectivo de melhorar!!! :fiat:

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Belo número :D
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Quanto for 127 anos é que vai ser festa....

Parabéns e juiizinho....
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Ya quando fizer 127 anos é que vai ser grande festarola
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Quanto for 127 anos é que vai ser festa....

Parabéns e juiizinho....
Quando fizer 600 anos é que vai ser complicado (lol)  :point:  
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parabens e venham mais uns kuantos :fiat:  
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Pode ser que eu ainda consiga ir ao festejo dos 126 e 127 anos ;)
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Quanto for 127 anos é que vai ser festa....

Parabéns e juiizinho....
Quando fizer 600 anos é que vai ser complicado (lol)  :point:
Idem idem aspas aspas  (lol)  
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Quanto for 127 anos é que vai ser festa....

Parabéns e juiizinho....
Quando fizer 600 anos é que vai ser complicado (lol)  :point:
Idem idem aspas aspas  (lol)
Quando fizer 600 anos, tamos cá para comemorar!! LOOOOOOOL (lol)  (lol)  (lol)  :yeah:  
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Parabéns FIAT, fizeste anos e esqueci-me!!!  (lol) Vale mais tarde q nunca, lá diz o ditado.
Olha muita saude e muitos anos de vida.  :fiat:
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Faço anos no mesmo dia... coincidências da vida!  :d_grin:  
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parabéns á fiat pelas grandes máquinas que criou
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Parabéns!!!  ^_^
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este ano vai fazer 111 anos :)
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não é nada , é 118!!    :lovesigh: